Be Aware of Lavender and Tea Tree Oils

May 26, 2021

I have told people for several years now to be cautious when using lavender and tea tree oils or products containing them.  Both are high in estrogen-like properties that can disrupt hormone balance in both sexes.

To know about lavender oil side effects or tea tree oil side effects, check out the link below:

These studies were done after a few boys were found growing breasts.  What was found was that they all used daily grooming products containing one or both of these oils.  When the products were taken away, the breasts returned to normal size.

Since there are cancers such as breast that are aggravated by estrogen, that should signal concern from massage therapists who use lavender often.  My mom had breast cancer and I don’t use lavender very often at all and only by client request.  Before I use it on any client, I ask about their family history of breast cancer and fibromyalgia.  Both conditions have excess estrogen components.  And both sexes can get breast cancer and fibromyalgia. Young mothers today are attempting to deal with baby issues more naturally.  I have added several comments on tea tree oil uses to their forums.  They are using that tea tree oil for skin rashes.  I caution them to reconsider and change to Ravensara, a very skin gentle oil, but very aggressive against bacteria and viruses.

In caring for our massage clients and families, we need to err on the side of caution.  We need to read and stay informed as much as possible.  And we need to care for ourselves so we can continue caring for others.

Since I first wrote this blog post, I have heard of, but not seen, articles that now say it was the plastic bottles these oils and oil products were in that caused the estrogen imbalance.  Oils should be in glass containers to avoid such issues and so the issue can be correctly attributed.  I do know that undiluted oils can eat through plastics as they have done with my massage table cover in a small spot.  Bottom line is to do your own research and practice with caution.

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