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Pain and Posture From the Feet Up!

Pain in the body can have its origin in your foundation, your feet!  Mom told you to stand up straight but did ...




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Senior and disabled concerns, caregiver training, and healthy aging topics are offered here. At the core of the site will be drugs, side effects, the nutrients they steal, and how those stolen nutrients can cause some of your side effects. To be healthy, you need to know this information and how to replace those lost nutrients.. 


“Linda Mac Dougall's presentation was extremely informative and stimulating! She educated our staff and volunteers on what our bodies need, and how posture affects it.  Thanks, Linda!”


“Linda Mac Dougall presented a very informtive and engaging workshop on mobility devices. Our staff and volunteers left better educated on mobility and obstacles that seniors face with everyday mobility devices. If you want to make choices that are good for your body, attend her workshop!”


“Linda Mac Dougall's presentation really opened my eyes to the importance of posture and alignment in maintaining a healthy and mobile lifestyle.”


The Vices of Mobility Devices

Did your walker get you wobbly? Cane causing cramps? Crutches have you crashing? Could life...

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The Postural Imperative In Aging

The importance of posture in an aging population. Today, again, I had a new senior client with a back, shoulder, and neck...


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Understanding The Needs Of Seniors And The Disabled

To be a caregiver, family, or paid, is to answer to many masters and many demands.  Life is hectic. But to really...

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Individual Service Plan...Planning the Road Ahead

QMRP's, case managers, special education teachers, as well as guardians and advocates. This should now include senior care planners and that should be the first category listed and you can eliminate special ed teachers and QMRP's.


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Jul 22, 2021

Pain and Postureā€¦.part 3

Jul 21, 2021

Don't Use The V-Word

"Oh my goodness. You're so much younger than I expected. Do you mind my asking you how old you are?" Linda, in her early 70's, doesn't identify as a "senior" - at least not in the context that most people think of it.

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