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"This an outstanding guide for beginning as well as seasoned therapists. Linda Mac Dougall takes you on an incredible and comprehensive journey providing relevant insight on older adults; beginning with a sense of who they are, common physical issues, moving towards self-care, mutual respect and the effects of declining health; concluding with the importance of touch. She refers to touch as energy transmitted by one body to another. In this regard, she beautifully describes the importance of touch by explaining how it is vital to the heart through providing individuals a sense of acceptance and worth.

Although there are many technical terms referenced in her book, each chapter is clear and well written so that it is an easy read for the general public. Besides being easy to follow, Linda provides the reader with a personal touch by sharing her experiences throughout the book. Through these types of connections, she captures the interest of her audience by providing maximum engagement. I highly recommend The Spirit Method of Massage for Seniors: Raising the Bar for anyone interested in sustaining quality of life for older adults."

Denise Calhoun MA. EdD

"If you want a roadmap to working with seniors this is the book for you! A comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know as a therapist taking your practice into eldercare. Some of the topics covered are:

    • Insurance requirements *yes, their different working with seniors)
    • Pathology (common diseases) you'll need to know in eldercare
    • Dispels the myth about seniors
    • How to get into the industry.

I would recommend this book to any practitioner who wants to work in senior care but just needs a little guidance."

Cory Scurlock
The Massage Inc.

 Incredible insights about more than just massage for seniors

Reviewed in the United States on February 10, 2021

I found this book packed full of knowledge it would have taken me a lifetime to acquire. An easy, enjoyable read that left me with a deeper understanding of seniors and ways to effectively provide service to them on many levels. I love that clear fact that the author knows her field well, has a world of experience, and filters that all through her heart, as she brings it onto the page for me to consume. Absolutely recommend getting this book! Thanks to the author for this gift of knowledge!


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