Live Longer With Systemic Enzymes!

Jul 05, 2016

Live Longer With Systemic Enzymes And With Less Inflammation!

I have an ever increasing number of clients who are discovering the many benefits of systemic enzyme therapy.  Years ago I found these enzymes a wonderful relief for my herniated disc inflammation and pain.  I was having trouble moving comfortably, sitting for very long or even standing for long periods of time.  Now as a holistic health practitioner and massage therapist, they have meant the difference between continuing to practice and finding a new path in a painful body.  But there are potential precautions you need to be aware of, as they will not mix well with a certain medications.

My clients have found them great for joint pain and inflammation, cyst shrinkage, Lupus,  Fibromyalgia pain and scar tissue problems.  And yet another client uses them for relieving tingling in the extremities.  For autoimmune issues and poor immunity they modulate the immune system, lowering immune reaction for autoimmune and increasing immunity for those who need it.

My husband had been told he might have to have surgery for a bakers cyst on the back of his knee.  I asked him to humor me and take three pills before going to bed.  By morning the cyst had shrunk by two thirds and disappeared in a day or two on its own with just a few more rounds of enzymes.

Systemic enzymes are in full force when we are young, but as we age, like many other things, we start losing our ability to produce them.  We start moving more slowly as pain becomes more frequent.

Inflammation becomes a problem throughout the body.  And inflammation is the partner of pain, disease and infirmity.  Inflammation feeds scar tissue building in the body and scar tissue overgrowth is what kills us if nothing else beats it at its task.

Blood vessels are cleaned by systemic enzymes.  Excess scar tissue is removed as the enzymes eat away exogenous protein.  Fibrotic tissues built up in vessels can act as nets catching and clogging the river of life.  Clogged vessels can affect heart function.  When the fibrotic tissue is removed, blood flows more freely.  Blood feeds the tissues and must get through for the body to heal.

People with a history of surgery can build up a lot of extra scar tissue that limits movement, blood flow, and organ function.  I have one client who has so much build up that in some places she feels hard and lumpy like small marbles and in other places she feels like tiny beach pebbles are just under her skin.  In other places she is just super restricted, joints being the worst.

Additional surgeries are often done for the removal of scar tissue from an original surgery.  You are not deficient in surgery, you are deficient in systemic enzymes that clean up excess scar tissue.

Animals even benefit just as we do.  Vets have found that heart worms are eaten just as scar tissue is because the body sees them as protein that is not a part of the body.  It is a safe alternative to drugs that target heart worm and often do damage to or kill the animal.

Animals, just as people, suffer from arthritic conditions.  Keeping the inflammation down helps reduce pain and joint deterioration.  I gave some to an old cat with painful foot joints and she became spry once more and able to jump onto higher surfaces to get to her food.

I work with clients toward greater health.  Systemic enzymes therapy is a great way to moderate or eliminate several health problems.  I would hate to live without them.  But, there is a certain protocol that should be followed.

To find out if you might benefit you can contact me at [email protected]  Please put ‘Systemic Enzymes’ in the subject line to be sure I’ll open the email.

Linda Mac Dougall M.A., HHP, CMT 

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