Oncology Massage

Jun 14, 2021

Years ago I became certified as an oncology massage therapist.  With the huge amount of people diagnosed with some form of cancer each year, the oncology therapist is needed to bring peace, acceptance, and pain relief to those who need our skills.

These skills combined with a deeper understanding of cancer, of the drugs and the side effects of radiation and what it does, and of the psychological/spiritual issues faced by cancer patients, give us an even greater gift to offer.   Clients may feel relieved by the efforts we make to assure their comfort, by time away from having to deal with treatments, or by our acceptance of who they are right now no matter their condition.

Can you imagine how you might feel losing your hair?  With one or both breasts removed?  With the devastating effects of the toxic drugs used to treat cancer?  Wouldn’t you be happy to be offered a time of respite?  Offer them a time of gentle thoughts and compassionate touch.  With just a simple twist of fate, you could be the person facing cancer.  How would you wish to be treated?

Pain, sadness, fatigue, and weakness are all being experienced by these clients.  Sadness can actually be depression.  Kindness with a matter-of-fact attitude helps both of you navigate your time together.  No platitudes.  No lies.  Just be there for them and listen to them.  

Don't Use The V-Word

Do you mind my asking you how old you are?" Linda, in her early 70's, doesn't identify as a "senior" - at least not in the context that most people think of it.

Published by James Lee

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