The Gift of Touch

Jul 08, 2021

July 4, 2021 

Holiday rushing just adds to our everyday stress levels.  By the time the holidays are over, our bodies are full of the stress hormone, cortisol.  Stress kills us if we live with it as a chronic condition of our being. So, self-care is essential.

If you are also a caregiver, there are the tight muscles, sore backs, and injured shoulders that come with your caring.  But who will take care of you?  Those who care for others often don’t take the time to care for themselves.

If you are a family member of a person with a disability, but not a caregiver, you still have many chores and responsibilities involved with their care.  If you are not close by, there is stress from not being able to deal with issues in person.

If you are a person with a disability, there is a whole world of coping with all who are trying to help and with the condition itself.  So much depends on attitude to ensure stress relief.

And if you are in an agency and in charge of caregivers and persons with disabilities, you must see that all runs smoothly.  It is not an easy job.  Laws and regulations guide all decisions.  You are in charge of keeping your clients and staff safe and keeping your agency out of trouble.  Who takes care of your stress?

That is why we exist.  We care for those who most need some special time and attention.  For those who need to breathe again and reconnect with their bodies.  For those who need to rid themselves of built-up tension.  For those who need to increase range of motion, circulation, and so much more.

Touch is healing and lets us know we are loved just as we are.  Give the gift of touch this holiday season and every season.

Don't Use The V-Word

Do you mind my asking you how old you are?" Linda, in her early 70's, doesn't identify as a "senior" - at least not in the context that most people think of it.

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