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So glad you have joined us for this journey about health, and disability topics!



 I was raised by a health nut mother.  Much of my life has been spent working with various disabilities and seniors.  Both healthy aging and disabilities of all types have been focuses in my life.  Here and now they have merged into this site and this blog.

Too many people know too little about these topics until it is too late or until they are in the battle of their lives.  My mother knew a lot from the pioneers of her time, but it wasn't enough information then to save her.  She died in Jan. of 2008 from multiple myeloma. My father followed her a year later.

After my mother's death, I had the privilege to serve a client with multiple myeloma.  I was pleased to have a surrogate to treat, since my mom had lived several states away.  It was as though I had been given the gift of a second chance, and I was happy to give my client peace at a time of great stress.

A few years later, after I thought this lady must have died, I met a radiant woman who seemed to know me.  I knew her face, but it was glowing and happy.  I couldn't place it.  She saw how puzzled I was.  Her introduction took my breath away.  

We hugged, as my tears escaped.  I just had to ask her how she had gone from almost dead to this vibrant embodiment of joy.  Stem cell therapy was her answer. Her cancer was gone.  She had her life and health again.

Science on all fronts has sped forward since my mother's death and since the healing of my client.  We have more targeted treatments.  We know more about alternative therapies, and how the body works, too.  Genetic knowledge has expanded.  Surgeries are much closer to being done more commonly with robots.

It doesn't take long these days for the world to change.  As this site develops, let me know what you'd like to have as topics for courses and in lesser depth, blog posts.

I will offer trusted partners and products in both the courses and the blog, as appropriate.  Some I am an affiliate for, and others I simply believe in their usefulness to my readers.  I am open to potential partnerships, but I will be picky.

Thank you for joining me.  

Linda Mac Dougall, M.A., HHP, CMT



Don't Use The V-Word

Do you mind my asking you how old you are?" Linda, in her early 70's, doesn't identify as a "senior" - at least not in the context that most people think of it.

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